MIQ Day 4 – The Ramp part 2


Started with a late wake-up at 8.30am! Just as well we’d ordered cereal for breakfast.


Frankly, not a lot of highlights today. The food was definitely below par, there were no interesting phone calls, no Zoom meetings, and just 15 minutes exercise on The Ramp before we were sent back indoors because a car needed to exit the carpark.

For your amusement, this is The Ramp – a full circuit takes 35 seconds! Apparently my 35′ video is too big to embed here, so meanwhile, here are rules, and a snapshot of Peter plodding up the ramp….

You might be able to watch the video here https://1drv.ms/v/s!AskxriGw9QtWg_NFAkGBqjA81cJp2w?e=6zcFIW


Petulant Peter.
Yes, definitely the single biggest lowlight of the stay so far.

Apparently we are “incarcerated”, and “without even a fair trial”. He’s only half joking.
This morning’s health check nurse kindly asked Peter is he had any concerns about his health. The answer “nothing that’s worth discussing with you”. Lordy!

After days of nudging from me to hire an exercycle (lack of real exercise being the real problem), we have got to this:

  • the online pilates classes that I’m doing are of no interest at all, because pilates is not “honest exercise”
  • there is no interest at all in looking at any of the more high intensity online classes I found for him
  • the MIQ exercycle package – which we could have got from day 1, for $150, from a supplier that delivers and picks up the bike at the end of the stay – is somehow also unacceptable (despite the fact that this is a solution that would work for me too), because it doesn’t (one assumes) connect to Zwift….

A small ray of hope on the horizon – our lovely housesitters will load up Peter’s Ritchie road bike, plus his Tacx trainer and bike shoes, with technical assistance from our neighbour Don, who knows about cycling stuff, and will deliver it to the hotel.

Meanwhile, I’m off to add ‘air freshener’ to the online grocery order!