MIQ Day 3 – Deliveries!


A day in which we discover how easily plans can go awry.

Highlights – definitely the deliveries!

  • The wine arrived bright and early, and the lovely lady at reception confirmed that she is allowed to send us two bottles a day – “looks like very nice wine”, she said! Not that we’re planning to drink two bottles a day, but good to have choices!
  • Biltong! A luxury – but why not. When in doubt, eat meat! And this is the best biltong in NZ (all the way from Hamilton).
  • Cleaning supplies, including a toilet brush – OMG, what has my life come to that the delivery of a toilet brush is a highlight in my day?
  • And the best meal so far – which is actually saying a lot, because as you might have noticed, the food here is pretty good in general. Spaghetti Carbonara is just what we needed – real comfort food.


  • Missing out on our booking to exercise on the rooftop terrace.
    With bookings up there hard to come by, we set off with some anticipation for our 8.30am walk on the roof. Masks on, into the lift – wouldn’t go to Level 10? Okay, let’s go down to Ground, and they can let us up to L10, we assume. Lift door opens on GF, to army security man in full PPE, looking very alarmed. Why are we in this lift, how did we get into it, what are we doing? And STAND BACK!!!
    Okay… I explain, we’re just trying to get to L10. A bit of a flurry of confusion – more defence force people standing around the lift. All we know is “this lift should have been locked off – it has just been used to transport someone….” Hmmm! We are instructed to return to our room and await further instructions. Okay – but still waiting for those further instructions. So no exercise for us today then – apart from a short walk on the forecourt for about 15 minutes later in the afternoon when the booking lady took pity on my and pushed us to to front of the forecourt waiting list (thank you!)
  • Day 3 Covid test – no amount of “it’s only 10 seconds” and “it’s just uncomfortable” will make this anything less than the worst part of the day. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that probe up my nose all the way up to digging into my brain (or that’s what it feels like to me, anyway – I guess everyone is different). The pain in my sinus continues for hours after. Eugh!
  • Discovering I accidentally ordered the vegan version of the Greek Salad for lunch – bugger! A greek salad without feta is definitely not a greek salad, no matter how crunchy the lettuce is!

Discoveries¬†so far…

  • If you love coffee, an Aeropress is a must have for travelling, and definitely for MIQ! Being able to make yourself a good coffee somehow makes everything better.
  • If you think MIQ is difficult for adults, spare a thought for those families travelling on our flight with two or three kids. Yes, they obviously have two rooms, but getting those kids out on a tiny forecourt, and expecting them not to run about and not to go within 2m of anyone else on the forecourt is simply impossible. We happily cut short our walk yesterday to give some kids freedom to run about in the exercise area – the parents were SO grateful. I wanted to weep for them (only 11 more days to go).

Tomorrow will be better – although we still don’t have a rooftop terrace booking, so we’ll be out on The Ramp at 9am in the morning (this time I’ll take a wee video for you!)

MIQ Day 1 – do not leave your room!


Definitely a day of rest in this first full day in managed isolation.

Highlights of the day:

  • A long conversation with granddaughter Isabel, who asks concernedly “how are you doing, Ouma?”, and is very excited to be returning to school on Monday just 4 weeks after major surgery. Izzy, you rock!
  • A newsy catchup with family in Melbourne – endless time to talk allows us to traverse news of the whole family. Yes family, we talked about ALL of you!
  • The food, definitely the food! Eating far far too much – though now that we’re into the new week, our own menu selections kick in, which mean there will be less food, and definitely fewer desserts! The meals here at Rydges Auckland are exceptional.
  • The health checks – I know, how sad is it that this is a highlight. A real person at our door to take our temperatures (the only human we say all day), and a call from the nurses in the evening, to take our medical history & assess our “needs”. Hope they heard Peter’s statement that he can’t manage his health without exercise!
  • My Day 0 covid test result is in and it’s negative. Now just waiting for Peter’s result.

Lowlights of the day:

  • No exercise (though I did do an online pilates class). We can’t book outdoor time until our Day 0 covid tests come back negative, and we get given our health ‘all clear’ this morning. Hoping to fix this on Day 2.
  • Very poor wine choice with dinner – they didn’t have our first choice, and the alternative was well below par, even given our reduced expectations. Hoping to fix this also on Day 2 with (fingers crossed) a delivery from the wine store!
  • Worrying about the amount of waste being generated by the disposable packaging and cutlery used for all the food – and really hoping that the waste is being composted as they say – not noting that some of the packaging is definitely not compostable!

Discoveries so far (aka advice for those of you following us into MIQ, and noting that this probably varies by location)…

  • There are two cups and two glasses in our room, a kettle and nothing else. Also no way to actually wash those dishes. I ordered a delivery from the supermarket, including dishwashing liquid (and a bucket for washing them in as the bathroom basis is only about 3cm deep!). And tea towels to dry them! And a knife to cut the fruit and cheese, that also came in the order. Orders are checked by security – I did wonder if they’d allow the knife through, but yes!
  • Should have ordered toilet cleaner too – hoping that the hotel will provide that today, along with a toilet brush. Obviously the rooms are not serviced (no one allowed into your room unless it’s an emergency), so you’re on your own in terms of keeping your space liveable!

Small things make life easier… now heading into Day 2, fingers crossed for some exercise, or we may need to reorganise our tiny room to fit in a hired exercycle (assuming someone is willing to send one into an MIQ facility)! Now there are words my good friends never thought they’d hear from me.