An “interesting” arrival in Rwanda

So, 36 hours after leaving Modena, or maybe even more, we finally arrive in Rwanda.

Only Ainsley will appreciate my extreme anxiety (shades of Zanzibar) at exiting the airport to find…. NO ONE … Though at least this time I did have the name of the hotel we were booked onto for the first night, which was a bonus.

I had terrible thought of having sent a vast amount of money for the tour into a black hole in Rwanda… But actually it was just a bit of miscommunication, a seriously delayed flight, and the fact that apparently 2degrees does not roam to either Kenya or Rwanda… BUGGER! A digital detox awaits….

On the plus side, the random strangers at Kigali airport witnessing our plight could not have been more helpful. Cell phones were offered to call the tour company, call the hotel… Another guide called all the other guides he knows to track down our guide… And eventually we found ourselves in a taxi to the hotel, at what turned out to be a reasonably good negotiated rate given the vastness of Kigali, which we hadn’t appreciated from our sleep deprived stupor!

Alarmingly – at least for me – the taxi was not allowed onto the hotel grounds before the security guard had checked the underside all round for explosives, and then even more alarmingly, both us and ALL out luggage was passed through a scanner on the way into the lobby. Peter’s bicycle bag caused some “mulling”… Clearly not your usual luggage in what turns out to be super duper luxury hotel, in which we appear to have been upgraded to a suite, sadly only for one night before we hit the road with our driver and jeep ( the former having appeared at the hotel approximately 10 minutes after our arrival, extremely contrite).

Well at last we know this will be a safe place to leave most of our luggage while we swan around Rwanda for the next five days, definitely sans cellphones, and probably sans any connectivity at all. Reports will follow, albeit probably in a belated fashion!

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