A series of small amazements – part 1 (dogs)

It is one of the  great gifts of travel that, as tourists in a foreign land, we experience not just the Sights – the must do, must see attractions of each place – but also the sights of day to day ordinariness going on around us, as locals go about the daily lives in ways that to us are different, unusual or just plan weird.

Certainly, no trip to Japan would be complete without comment on those small things that catch the eye, and cause us to sometimes wonder why.  So let’s start with dogs…  an earlier trip to Fukuoka over a decade ago introduced me to the reality of pet clothing boutiques (and rugby supporters bringing their dogs to the game fully kitted out in the jerseys of their favourite team).  Dogs in clothes are still very much the order of the day, as evidenced by this wee poodle in her tartan pleated skirt and pale pink sweater…


However, it seems things have moved on…  Or maybe it’s just the sophistication of a larger city, with not just doggy day care… 

… but aromatherapy and reflexology for your pampered pooch.  Presumably the coffee,  tea, beer and wine are for the owners, while you wait?  Or perhaps you’d like to browse the store for a lovely soft crescent moon bed, or a black and cream dog carrying bag, tastefully trimmed?


And when the wee darling’s little legs get tired – there’s a LOT of walking in Japan, I can vouch for that – you can always pop her up into the custom pet stroller for a ride.


Two different days, in different places…  Wow!  And just one more beauty in pink …


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