Halfway mark in our two week lock up!

Congratulations – a treat from our wardens to recognise that we are indeed AWESOME!


  • A zoom call with all the grandchildren and their parents – love you guys!
  • The All Blacks winning game 1 of the Blesdisloe – well, only a very very small highlight, given how poorly they played, but as they say, a win’s a win!
  • Sushi for lunch – the good food continues – and pulled pork burger, with fries, for dinner.
  • Exercise slot on the rooftop terrace – definitely not as flash as it sounds, but nice to look out over the city, and bask in a little sunshine, even if the roof was still closed, and the guards had put orange cones out, one assumes to suggest that we shouldn’t be walking into the corners of the room (which I simply ignored).


  • Reading far too much news – I think I was happier when I didn’t know about all the unbelievably stupid things going on out there. The latest that hundreds of MIQ rooms are being held back for what one can only assume will mostly be government officials attending Expo2020 in Dubai! At a time when so many kiwis are trying to get home for Christmas, it simply beggars belief.
  • Domestic chores – laundry (which will take days to dry!), clean the toilet, wipe down the tables, counters etc… can’t believe I’m lamenting the fact that I don’t have a vacuum cleaner for the carpet!

Observations for future inmates

Actually, it’s not so bad. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but as a wise colleague, also currently in MIQ, says, we knew the “price on the can” when we signed up to travel, so no point in complaining now.

A positive attitudes goes a very long way to making the most of an opportunity to recover from your jetlag, get your email box back under control and, given that it’s almost September (in my case), start planning for Christmas!

Only six more sleeps to go…

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