MIQ Day 13 – end in sight!

Friday. Friday 13th – should we be afraid?

A day on which we were particularly idle.


  • Our day 12 tests are negative! Not exactly sure why we thought that was ever in doubt, but very conscious that if you are going to catch covid in NZ right now, it’s going to be while you’re in MIQ! Good to know we’ve managed to spend nearly two weeks on the ‘high risk’ end of the border, and managed not to catch anything.
  • Friday’s chef is very fine, very fine indeed. Eggs bene for breakfast, fish & chips for lunch and filet mignon (as much as you can in a plastic tub) for dinner. Oh, with rhubarb apple crumble and custard for dessert. Very fine indeed. A couple of glasses of NZ bubbles to celebrate – decided to save the Tattinger to celebrate with Pip & Howard once we’re out.


  • No exercise outside today at all – foul weather, and not wanting to risk catching something by walking outside on the ramp in the rain. An online pilates class to make do – very much looking forward to getting back to my reformer!

Final reflections on two weeks of idleness

  • The less you have to do, the less you do. Honestly I cannot believe how little has been achieved in these two weeks.
  • When you’re confined to a tiny space, keeping things clean and tidy becomes unreasonably important – I’ve actually surprised myself! Although I must admit my zeal for the perfectly made bed diminished as we got closer to exit.
  • There is an unreasonable amount of rubbish on television – and the advertising, OMG! I can’t believe how awful most of it is. I’ll be very happy to get back to my mostly tv-free lifestyle.

And so, just one more sleep to go. Tomorrow we will be out… fingers and toes crossed that there are no last minute hitches. This whole adventure has taught me the true meaning of being “agile” – accepting that there is no certainty left in the way we live our lives.

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