Objects of desire, interest and amusement

As we wander around the world, there are things I see that I really, really want to bring home, things that teach me something I never knew, and things that just make me smile, plain and simple.  These are the things that make travel exciting.

oh yes!  In a world of unlimited luggage allowances, I’d have definitely brought this home as my new Christmas tree.  Every home should have one ( yes, it’s made from deer antlers!)image

Then there was this this… Outdoor seating with a difference!


And if you happen to build your house down a steep slope, why not build a stylish lift lobby entrance up on the roadway, all encased in glass so the world can enjoy the view too!


Going to an effort to keep everything – even the rubbish bins – visually “sensitive” to the gorgeous surrounds…



… But then allowing this strange juxtaposition of competing architecture up in the slopes above!  And yes, they are two separate buildings.


And finally for today, from the whatever next files… Nutritional labelling on fresh fruit!  At least grapes have a handy hook for hanging the label on!


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