More objects of desire, amusement and interest

Dogs are big, here in Italy… I don’t mean big as in size, although there are some pretty huge ones… Just big as in trendy, everyone seems to have one (or more)!DSC_0765-1.JPG
Unsurprising then that I’ve seen about six of these for every one actual rubbish bin – clearly you can take your litter home with you, but doggy doos need to be dealt with on the spot. Handy bag dispenser too.

I still haven’t succumbed to the urge to shop – in large part because I have discovered that my body clock apparently has a preferred shopping time around lunchtime and mid afternoon… Which is exactly when the shops in this part of the world close for an extended lunch break from noon (or 12.30 if you’re lucky) until 3 or 4pm. So plenty of window shopping, but no actual buying.

I am however wondering if Isabel and Matthew need some Alpine outfits… Maybe some lederhosen for the little man?

And yes, normal people do actually wear this stuff around here! Mind you, to be fair, I didn’t personally check how “normal” this guy actually is…


However, judging from the lack of reaction of the thronging shoppers, it is apparently perfectly normal for the bride to be (I assume she is a bride to be) to be wandering around the shopping precinct in the middle of the day with a big pink penis on her head…


And finally on the subject of weddings, this parked in the local church car park, where the arriving friends and family were almost all dressed in very fancy long evening gowns for a midday wedding… A long long wedding celebration coming up perhaps, but how the hell was the bride going to get her dress into this?


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